Our Story

The Mojave Journey

We are a family-owned business built on dreams and passion. Miguel Ayoub, an entrepreneur with a knack for turning visions into reality, and his wife Rachel, an accomplished interior designer, created Mojave to bring a blend of style, warmth, and creativity to Sandy Springs. With a desire that each visit to Mojave is as welcoming as a visit to their own home, the husband-wife duo developed a restaurant as beautiful and resilient as its namesake, The Mojave Desert. 

Our menu invites you on a journey through our cherished family recipes, with creative twists on Latin American classics. Featuring dishes like the classic Cuban sandwich, unique lamb costillas, and our comforting Mexican chicken soup, Mojave’s flavor combinations are exceptional. Our signature cocktails, made with premium spirits, fresh fruits, and garden herbs, are the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Mojave, directly translating to “by the water”, finds its home on a gorgeous pond surrounded by stunning local flora and fauna. Experience the “by the water” essence on our elevated covered patio, one of the best in Sandy Springs, while you savor our offerings. Mojave is more than just a restaurant; it’s a community gathering place that ties together Latin-American flavors, quality ingredients, and the warmth of family. Welcome to our home, welcome to Mojave.

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